Today’s Topic: THE MOON!
(Photo by Lilian Sketchbook, taken with a phone and a telescope)

The subject to much folklore, the Moon is a majestic satellite that orbits the Earth. Many tales have been crafted around the Moon, as it is as mysterious as the void of space it perpetuates in. One particular tale tells of a pony princess who was banished there for a thousand years. During her travels on the Moon, she met the Queen of the Moon, Queen Serenity, who wished away the evil that was inside her. Many years later however, Queen Beryl corrupted the pony’s soul and destroyed the moon city. The souls of the children of the Elements of Space (now more commonly known as the Elements of Harmony) were thrown to Earth, to be reincarnated to protect the planet from Queen Beryl’s wickedness.

On this particular day, the Moon is full, reflecting its cousin’s rays of light for the people on Earth. However, the tales of Friday the Thirteenth cross over with the power of the Full Moon, creating a storm of chaos that would make Discord, the God of Chaos, proud.

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